Barbara and Keith Maxwell

We approached Niall to design and make three bathroom vanities for our new build. We wanted something special to match glass benches we had made by a glass artist. Niall worked hand in and with our designer to come up with vanities that were very “different” as per our wishes. We also requested that they were made from a particular timber that Niall hadn’t any experience of using in the past. He put such huge effort into our project and built the units with such pride and perfection. He was very attuned to our build and worked hand in hand with the builders to make certain that the vanities would “float” from the walls as we wanted. He visited the builders on a number of occasions to make sure of the fit. Niall’s workmanship is second to none! He has been able to read our wishes, work with the builders, the artist and our designer, to come up with an absolutely brilliant concept. He has interpreted our wishes 100% and to that end we have already started on our second project with him. Going forward we are certain there will be a number of new projects we will wish to develop and we know we wouldn’t want to go to anyone other than Niall. Thankyou Niall, for all the effort, for the ability to interpret our thoughts and for the top-quality, beautifully designed and made products you have supplied us.

Nerolee Thurston

I highly recommend Rustic Soul Designs. Niall has created a beautiful bespoke oak door for my home that is beyond my expectations. He then made kitchen open shelves to match. He has an eye for detail, worked with my vision and executed the projects effortlessly. A real talent!

Mick Moffatt

Rustic Soul  have undertaken several projects for QUBE. Niall and the team provide great service and attention to detail every time.

Tim Gresson

Very pleased with the dining table which Niall meticulously designed and crafted

Sheena and Duncan 

Niall responded to our quest to repair the structure and finish of a custom made bed, which was looking tired and feeling creeky. He assessed the work, collected the bed and worked his magic, making it look and feel like new. It was returned quickly and we loved the results. Following that, we wanted to redesign our office. Niall followed our ideas and adapted the design drawings to create some stunning and very reasonably priced shelving. It matches the desks we already had, so we were very happy. 

Jeremy & Vicki Carey-Smith

We’ve had the privilege of using Niall & Rustic Soul Designs for a number of projects. Their attention to detail & care produce outstanding results that will be part of our new house build forever. We couldn’t recommend them highly enough and look forward to more projects in the future.

Santiago Casenave

Niall did a fantastic job creating a bespoke cot for our little baby. It had an impeccable finish, including safe paint and a unique mechanism to rock the little. We couldn’t have been happier with this product. We highly recommend Niall and the team at Rustic Soul Designs

Romina Picone

Niall and the team created a beautiful cot for our baby using recycled materials and non toxic paint. We also have one of their beautiful chopping boards that enhances the natural beauty of wood colours. What I like the most about Rustic Soul Designs is their environmental commitment to reuse and recycle materials to give wood a brand new life!

Cecilia Nuñez

Niall and the Rustic Soul team were really professional and have created an unique bespoke furniture. Definitely recommend Niall if you are looking to have an unique piece made by an incredible professional.

Rory Cassidy

I bought two custom serving boards made by Niall at Rustic Soul Designs, which were beautiful. Made from recycled wood from well known Queenstown buildings of the past, they each came with a hand written story of their history, which made them all the more special. They were the perfect moving in present for our new home. Amazing, 100% will be back for some furniture, Rustic Soul Designs really pour love into their work, from wood selection to finishing.